Thursday, April 12, 2012

Silly Keyboard Review

 Soft, supple and quiet my new keyboard is.  I feel kind of silly doing a review of a keyboard but it is the main input interface on my computer and a tool of my craft.  If I’m not reading, I’m typing.  My quest has been to find the quietest keyboard that still has a really nice touch.  I finally found it, the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard.  So for those of you asking when they saw it, that’s what it is.

Although it has backlit keys what I was really after was something quiet and worked with my KVM switch.  I take a lot of notes when I’m on the phone and I didn’t want something that was too noise.  Quiet, check.

It had to feel nice when typing.  I’m pretty fast touch typist so I needed something that was fast, responsive and had good feedback and be able to put up with a little pounding.  Nice feel, check.

Backlit keyboard was a bonus.  There are times in the early AM that I forget to turn on the lights and the backlit keyboard is kind of cool.  Double bonus, you can change the intensity or turn it off at the top of the keyboard.  Looking good, check.
- Chris Claborne

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