Sunday, February 26, 2012

iDrive Bulk Restore

I've been using iDrive for quite some time and I continue to recommend it to most of my home and small business clients (read my review HERE).  One thing that I didn't know was that iDrive offers what I call a bulk restore option.  When you have a complete disk failure and you need to restore all of your data, you can restore over the network but that could take a very long time if you have as much data as I have.  In addition, your network provider may get crabby about your high data usage.  In this case, iDrive also offers a "Rapid Serve" service where they Express ship your data to you on a special iDrive Portal USB hard drive. The cost is $69.95 and you can keep the hard drive.  The drive also comes with software to perform local backups with the same security and versioning features of iDrive Online backup.

Read my full review of iDrive and a couple of others to learn more.

- Chris Claborne