Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Flickr Tips and How It's an excellent Example of Cloud Computing

Flickr & Cloud Computingimage

My sister-in-law recently started asking me about Flickr. As I started writing her, I realized that I was not only talking about the power of Flickr itself, but alsothe power of “Cloud computing”. I’m a heavy user of Flickr and in this post, you’ll see a some of my quick tips on how to use Flickr as well as how Flickr is another great example of cloud computing.

A Primer on Cloud Computing


Although I’ve written about cloud computing in the past, there was an assumption that people know what cloud computing was. As I get serious about writing multiple articles on cloud computing, I really need to rewind a bit and introduce it. If for no other reason, I need to build a logical progression of knowledge of cloud computing and build on that as I go along.
This post will introduce “cloud computing” and describe what it is, talk a little about history in order to describe why it’s evolutionary, and show some examples. I’ll also talk just a bit about why this is happening and then leave the benefits, gotchas, evaluation decisions and other articles for future posts.