Sunday, December 2, 2018

2018 AWS re:Invent Keynotes Review

What follows are my thoughts and takeaways from the AWS re:Invent conference keynote presentations by Andy Jassy and Werner Volgels in November 2018. I attended the keynote sessions virtually and took notes as usual. I've included a lot more detail about the keynote presentations at the end. 

Thoughts, Observations and Takeaways
     Jassy is probably the best pitchman in the industry.  Right out the gate he's on fleek.  AWS is still the gold standard on how to market the cloud (Google, take notes, your marketing stinks!).

     With the announcement of the Graviton, an ARM based CPU processor for lower cost compute, and Inferentia, the machine learning ASIC to boost machine learning, AWS is becoming a hardware company, primarily aimed at making AWS stronger, not providing hardware to customers (but there was some of that too with AWS Outpost.  Paulo Santos has his take on the CPU on his blog,   I agree with Paul but for different reasons.