Monday, July 14, 2008

Trailer In The Cloud

I think that cloud computing is a high watch item for 2008. There will be a lot of movement, announcements, and proclamations made this year. I feel that this is one of the boom areas in technology. This is significant because CIOs won’t be able to look away from the allure of SAAS (Software as a Service) and HaaS (Hardware as a Service) and the ridiculous low cost that it can be done for. Outsourcing to India and China is a good example. It may not bring the total benefits envisioned, but the low cost of outsourcing was just too good to pass up. As business tries to get their heads around virtualization they can’t take their eyes off the move to cloud computing. In some respects this is the next step in virtualization. My core data center in where I work is not in San Diego but at another site. Would I care if that data center wasn’t at my company site at all? If it came with the same or better security, performance and reliability, I wouldn’t.

Let me tell you a fictional little story. It’s called “The trailer in the cloud”.