Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rackspace Releases OpenStack Private For Free

I recently wrote about HP’s use OpenStack as part of their newly announced cloud hosting environment and how it could help feed their consulting and cloud offering sales.   Rackspace, who have been using OpenStack for a while, may be trying to capitalize on the same approach as HP by releasing their build of OpenStack for free.  I continue to think that these moves will allow CIO’s who don’t want to be left out,  implement internal clouds using the same technology and leave open an easy migration path to the providers public cloud.  In addition to this, Rackspace reminds the market of their relevance in cloud computing.  

The more customers Rackspace can get using their free release (that may be “extended”) enables other revenue streams.   In addition, if Rackspace can offer some value add in their distribution of OpenStack, they may be rewarded with additional customers that desire to stay on the same platform but reduce costs by utilizing a public provider.  You might call it “lock-in”, others call it “extending the platform”.

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