Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Clouds Bringing Suite Rain (pun intended)

Clouds Bringing Suite Rain (pun intended)

According to an IDG survey, top IT Mgt. continues to see value in cloud.  The following is a portion of David Linthicum’s recent article on the topic.

Three takeaways emerge from this survey:
  • Cloud computing does not have much of a downside, considering the largely positive response from this and other surveys.
  • The bubble that many predicted does not seem to be coming any time soon. Indeed, the use of cloud computing seems to be more of an evolution and slower growing style of technology adoption, not a mass movement.
  • Businesses are beginning to understand the true value that cloud computing can bring. This means the strategic use of business data and access to mission-critical enterprise applications they would not be able to afford, were it not for the cloud. That's a good development away from the initial focus on just cheaper infrastructure.

- Chris Claborne

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