Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Collaboration, A Key Indicator of Performance

According to a report published in McKinsey Quarterly, “Givers take all: The hidden dimension of corporate culture”, corporate performance can predicted by how much employees freely share information, ideas and help one another.  Nowhere does it say that strong leadership, clear objectives and rewards aren’t factors but that the leading indicator is how much help and collaboration happens.  This article from TLNT covers many of the basics, but I’ve never seen anyone publish research with this perspective.

I’ve always felt that strong social skills (ability to work and communicate with others) was important so I enjoyed seeing some validation in this (true, a single study doesn't make it a fact).  Having a excellent chemist or engineer on your team is great, but if he/she can’t or won’t share and work with others you’re wasting your money.  Do students learn this at school?  I think they may but only to a small degree.  It’s up to parents to ensure that their kids have good social skills, know how to work on team, freely share knowledge, and have fun doing it.


- Chris Claborne

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