Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CFO’s see value in the cloud, Being Courted by Google

According to a Google’s BLOG, in a survey of 800 CFOs, 81% think (AKA a believe) that completely implementing cloud technology would improve employee productivity, and 71% say it would reduce the time required to bring new products and services to market.  The CFO on a company is normally a big part of the decision making process.  I point out “belief” because a lot of times decisions are made in part or whole on a person’s belief.  If the numbers in Google’s BLOG are true, it will continue to fill the sails of cloud computing growth in the years to come.  I can get pretty analytical, but in general, I align with with the conclusions for reduced time for new services and productivity.  Also notice, CFO’s are being courted by Google... and for good reason.

Update: It's rare that I scoop David Linthicum

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- Chris Claborne

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